Image Search Keyboard App

Here is the keyboard app you were looking for!..
Introducing PicBoard; A keyboard with no keys.

Enter your search query, get the image you want and send it in an instant.

PicBoard is a Keyboard application which can be used to search the entire web for photos which can be sent directly to the intended recipient right from the chat screen. It is free and has no annoying ads or forced ads.

How to use PicBoard:

1. Type some query on the chat screen.
2. Switch to PicBoard by holding space bar (in Gboard and many keyboard apps),
3. Click on the image you want to send.

PicBoard makes it easier to search for pictures right from your keyboard without having to open any other Application.
The image need not be downloaded or saved.

Start using PicBoard today to make your texting more beautiful!.

You can purchase the pro features which lets you change settings which include unlocking NSFW search results, High-quality images, change result count, etc..


All Tricky Park

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