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Do you want to split your screen by dual browser? Dual browser is one of the best dual screen display for android phone. You can watch your favourite movies and news at the same time on the same screen. Dual browser is very safe in your mobile phone and I want to open two screen at same time for internet searching & exploring. Dual browser application-private browser and mobile browsing application. Split screen browser-Dual browser & Incognito mode in your phone. Dual Browser-Secure browser for my phone. Fast internet explorer and android mobile application for dual screen browsing in a single display of your phone. It is very good for those public that want to secure all browsing using dual browser. You can Bookmark, History, Maximize, Minimize, Refresh, forward, backward, search in dual browsing and you can also Bookmark, History, Refresh, forward, back search in single browsing. You can change the theme, Bookmark, Refresh, forward, back, search, using private browsing. Dual browser enjoy the multi-tasking of your android phone easily. Dual browser display two screen and very secure browser. Dual browser- private browsing application and enjoy songs on your favourite sites for android phone. You can select one of the default dual-screen configurations to start browsing speedily or modify your dual screen. How to open private and normal browsing screen at same time? Dual browser splitting your screen in two parts for browsing.

Features of Dual Browser:
• Single browser
• Dual browser
• Listen favourite songs
• Open on social media
• Video songs
• Dual screen monitor
• Private browsing for exploring and searching
• Bookmark, history, refresh, forward, backward, maximize, minimize, search in dual browser
• Bookmark, history, refresh, forward, backward, search in single browser
• Bookmark, Refresh, forward, back, search in private browser
• Dual screen browser
• Internet surfing application
• Browser application -incognito mode application for surfing on internet.
• Very secure browser in your android phone
• Show the websites you want to record in the browser
• Browser locked
• Change the themes
• Split screen
• Multi-task web browsing application
Dual browser-My internet browsing on mobile application. You can search more entertainment news in dual browser. The best speed Safe search and secure browser application in your phone. Fast dual browser- fast web browser and save history in this browser.


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