Best Zoomquilt Wallpaper

Hypnotizing infinitely zooming illusion art as your Live Wallpaper. You have to see it yourself to believe it. It seems impossible, but the artwork keeps on zooming endlessly, revealing worlds within worlds. The popular infinite zoom illusions are now available as a Live Wallpaper. Included are the classics Zoomquilt 1+2 (free) and the mesmerizing enchanting floral botanical Arkadia (add on) to decorate your phone and tablet. Check it out yourself and download the app! Ad free!


– Three different worlds of mesmerizing infinite zoom artwork
– Smooth performant OpenGL zoom rendering engine
– Speed and direction control
– Psychedelic color effect option

Created with ❤️ by Nikolaus Baumgarten and collaborators 2004–2019


All Tricky Park

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