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Welcome the new generation of smart tools! Enjoy every moment of using your favorite tools with the combination of our great design and sophisticated technologies! All the best smartphone tools combined in one app: Compass, Speedometer, Binoculars and Zoom Camera, Altimeter, Magnifier, Night Vision Photo and Video Recorder, Flashlight and GPS Locations.
Description of each tool is presented below:

1.Compass Pro
Compass Pro is the app for professionals as well as amateurs! Compass Pro is a real compass! It shows device real-time orientation to magnetic fields. It’s displays lot of useful information like location, altitude, speed, magnetic field, barometric pressure, etc.
Compass Pro is easy to use. Following a particular bearing is easier too. Just tap on button to set a particular bearing and the app will then draw a red arc around the inside of the compass circle to indicate how far you’re deviating from your set course.

This application is a GPS-based most accurate (we create speedometers since 2010) – Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer. – High low speed limit alert system – HUD Mode Switch between mph or km/h mode. – Imperial and Metric unit settings. – Speed calibrate refresh button. – GPS accuracy indicator. – GPS distance accuracy indicator. Track information – Start time. – Time elapsed. – Distance. – Average speed. – Max speed. – Altitude. – Time tracking. – Tracking location on map. – Ability to turn tracking off/on. – Longitude, latitude coordinates. Map integration – Satellite maps mode. – Hybrid maps mode. – Standard maps mode. – Tracking location changes trajectory. Share
- Start, end points, coordinates link email sending
- Map screenshot email sending .Weather – Temperature information. – Wind – Visibility – Sunrise,Sunset 
- High/Low Temperature.

3. Binoculars Pro Shooting 45X Zoom PHOTO AND VIDEO
Binoculars 45X Zoom Camera (Photo and Video).
Binoculars 45X Zoom Camera is an image zooming tool with the real-time image processing. it’s the best application to see the small things or object which are not clearly visible to the normal eye
• 45x zoom • Amplifier • Saturation • Light mode • Autofocus • Front, rear camera • Flashlight
• Built In library • Sharing • Sun and Moon locator • Sunrise, transit and sunset times for the Sun and Moon
• Location permission is needed for sun and moon locator feature, because sun and moon positions related to your location

4. Altimeter GPS+
Modern Altimeter GPS+ app is for folks who care for hiking and biking in mountainous terrain. GPS is getting very accurate in terms of distance indication. The choice between unit system is perhaps an important thing, just for your convenience the app is being equipped with both of them (Imperial and Metric). Surprisingly strong barometer measures the weight of the air pressure above a given point and determines elevation of two points.

5. Magnifier Optical EyeGlasses 30x zoom Photo Video
You don’t need to worry whether or not your glasses fit to your face correctly. While the idea of a virtual fitting isn’t altogether novel. Optical Eyeglasses 30x zoom with flashlight are normally used for vision correction. It’s superb technology that really works and could save a lot of people a lot of embarrassment.

6. Flashlight
Free LED torch Flashlight for your Phone. Galaxy Flashlight is one of the brightest torch LED flashlight apps available in Play Store.

7.Night Vision Camera (Photo & Video)
The application takes real pictures and videos at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances. Application utilises a breakthrough technology, pushing all the computing and hardware abilities of your phone to the limit, thus producing an outstanding effect.

8. GPS Location Info, SMS Coordinates
Track your location, detect address of location and share location with friends.


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