Best Charging Theft Alarm App

Afraid that phone might get stolen when charging at a free plug point?

No longer!

Simply activate Charger Theft when connecting phone to charger. Any thief stealing the phone will be shocked by a blaring loud alarm as soon as he unplugs the phone.
When disconnecting phone from charger, simply enter a pre-defined pass-code to deactivate the alarm.

Acts as an excellent Anti-Theft application.

– Loud alarm (siren) when phone unplugged.
– Pass-code required to deactivate alarm
– Volume automatically taken to maximum when alarm goes off.
– Volume buttons disabled – sound can’t be lowered till pass-code entered.
– Other buttons disabled to prevent easy exit from pass-code entry page.
– Wired headset automatically bypassed to use phone’s speakers.
– Notification button allows easy access in case alarm accidentally triggered in the middle of a phone call.


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