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We all got sensitive information we would rather hide and keep away from others. And while keeping others from accessing our devices is always a good idea, you can’t be absolutely sure all the time.

No one should have access to your most private and sensitive information. Not your spouse, friends, colleagues, kids, or classmates. Definitely not snoopers, hackers, corporates or governments. Making sure that your privacy is kept and that no one can access your data can be tricky, and not all privacy apps were created equal.

Why Install MyPrivacy

Take this advice and install MyPrivacy now to make sure your sensitive information is kept private:

Because some of your photos could get you in trouble if seen by the wrong people

Because if others will mess around with your favorite dating app it could potentially end up very badly for you

Because some may find the jokes in your WhatsApp chats inappropriate and insulting

Because it’s the only app that will never sell you to advertisers behind your back

Because your private & sensitive information is secure and safe behind government-grade encryption

Because you want to be one of the few who take privacy seriously

How can MyPrivacy help you hide your sensitive information?

VPN – your location is as a sensitive piece of information as any other. So as your Wifi connection. Hide your location and secure your connection with VPN.

 Applock – your apps store very sensitive information such as personal preferences, private chats, medical records, etc. With Applock you can lock apps to make sure that no one gets a glimpse of something they shouldn’t.

 Picture Vault – what’s more sensitive than private selfies, embarrassing videos, or potentially reputation-devastating photos? Hide photos & videos, contacts, notes, and other sensitive information in a secure picture vault.

Browser – every time you forget to delete your browsing history, you leave a trace of sensitive information behind. Instead of trying to remember to clear your history again, why don’t simply use Browser? Browser also blocks various trackers so your browsing is ads-free and super fast!

Passwords – all that sensitive information hiding in websites around the web, supposedly locked behind passwords? Unless you’re using a super strong password for every website, chances are hackers will eventually hack your accounts. Remembering strong password is practically impossible; that’s exactly what Passwords helps you solve.

Permissions – the award-winning solution to find out who has access to your sensitive information in your social profiles. Remember all those little games and websites that asked you to connect your Facebook or Twitter? Whether it was in order to get a magic sword, to win extra life, or to expedite the growth of your crops, all those services still probably have access to your profile. They harvest your personal and sensitive information and sell whatever they can to advertisers. Don’t you think it’s time to do some spring cleaning.


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