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Texpand is an abbreviation expansion typing aid that assists you to quickly enter frequently used phrases simply by typing short abbreviations. By systematically specifying abbreviations to frequently used phrases Texpand can help you save thousands of keystrokes and several hours per week.

This app uses Accessibility services.


Works with any text input method whether it’s a software keyboard, voice input, physical keyboards or alternative accessibility text input device
Works on most apps (for apps that doesn’t work use Text Input Assistant. Watch how to user it here
Define up to 10 abbreviations to your most used phrases with no limitation on the character count of phrases ⃰
Simple overlay UI that assist you with text insertion, choosing from multiple phrases, and undo expansion
Highly customizable abbreviation expansion options, you can change expansion options on per-abbreviation basis
Suggestion window let’s you choose between phrases that have similar abbreviations while helping your learn your abbreviations
Phrase lists allow you to choose from a range of phrases just by typing a few characters. Useful for quickly responding to texts ⃰
Variables make entering complex date formats or using clipboard content as simple as typing an abbreviation of few characters
Exclude apps from abbreviation expansion
Tasker integration allows you to create phrases than contain Tasker built-in variables


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