Caller Name Speaker App

Caller Name speaker or Caller Name ringtone or Caller Name talker
Caller Name speaker announces the name of the person who is calling your number.
Caller Name Announcer speaks every thing while some one is calling you or send you a message, you will identify it without looking to your smart phone.

Speaks out the caller name clearly in between the ringtone reducing its volume.

Caller Name & SMS Announcer speaks out the Incoming caller name id and SMS sender that helps to identify the call even without taking a look at your mobile. What’s more, it will help to read and speak out your message content and you will never miss any message and release your eyes.
Caller name talker provides powerful functions but it is highly customizable to meet all your requirements. All advanced features below are all free for you.

Call Name speaker Announces:
– Announce Caller Name if exist in contacts.
– Caller Number if Name not exist in contacts.
– Announce message Sender Name
– Read and speak out messages Content


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