S10 Edge Screen App

I. News

I spend a lot of time working and creating an application with a completely new interface. Giving you a new look. Having fun !

II. Introduce
I recently spent most of the time to complete this application.
A perfect application and contains useful features.
I always try to make the most useful applications with the user as possible.
And this is one such application. I am committed to updating and improving many useful features for the app.
And here are the main features of the app to date:
Handle setting

You can install the swatch area yourself. Customizable with many useful features
You can also arrange the screen as you like. It’s simple to drag and drop
Back ground:
Color background
Default wallpaper
Live blur screen (beta)

You can also set the transparency and opacity of the image
Edge screen:
People edge screen: create links for your contacts. Select and organize your favorite contacts
CallLog edge screen: Update and manage your call log
Edge screen soft key: Support some common key in yourdevice like: home, recent, back, power …
App edge screen: Create shortcuts for your favorite apps
Tools Edge screen: Offers many useful features for your application


All Tricky Park

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