Fast Charging On Your Mobile

Working Principle of Fast charging & Fast charge
This app will be enabled when you connect your charger. On enabling, the app will automatically detect all apps running in background. After this, the app will disable all those functionality to enhance the effect of charging and to speed up the process of charging.
Interface of Fast charging & Fast charge
Interface of this app is designed by considering all type of abnormal people for e.g. Color blind people, handicap people, depressed people in a sense that its color scheme is so good that it will have positive effect on your mind and it will relax you instead of getting more exhausted and bore.

Features of Fast charging & Fast charge

• Fast and reliable charging options.
• Battery life increases.
• Detail information of fast charging – charge.
• It is available freeware.
• Super charging options.
• No manual enabling or disabling is required.
• Auto brightness adjustment available.

Paybacks of fast charging – charge
• Restrict gratuitous apps.
• Exterminate apps after getting screen shut.
• Wonderful battery residual spell!
• Brightness regulator by Fast charging & Fast charge.
• Fast charging – charge maintains temperature of your battery.


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