All In One Social Media Network App

You can now delete all the apps that the social media app supports in one app. And access it directly from this app. To provide more storage space on the phone, to keep charging and battery life. For all social networks, as well as shopping and advertising modes on your phone.

Application features, all social media sites and social networks in one application:

Ease of use: Browse all social media, social networks and marketing applications, and social media by accessing YouTube. You can also access all instant messenger applications as well as advertising sites such as Adsense, which also allows you to send instant messages on your phone in one application.

Save up to 75% of the memory on your phone. You do not need to install many social media and social networks as you can save about 150MB on your mobile phone. Fast access to ads websites such as Ebay and Admob and messaging friends via instant messaging, depending on the applications loaded on your phone.

Lock all social media, and social networks with a secret number: To prevent hackers and hackers from accessing the application and the special accounts of each of the social networking sites such as twitter and linkedIn to keep your information confidential.

Browse over 85 social media, social networks, marketing lovers, and messenger enthusiasts through Facebook as well as to display ads from the popular Ebay website and send SMS for any instant messengers.

The application features the display of the most popular sites such as Google Browser, and the exploration and exchange of beautiful pictures with Pinterest. And watch movies on some great sites like Netflix. It also contains all the social media and social networking sites in one application on the Wattpad website for international novels and stories.


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