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Call Assistant – Fake Call helps you to schedule a call at your preferred time/day. You can also schedule a quick call in case of urgency.

Make cheap phone calls or text messages on your phone or tablet to any international destination
Buy DID phone number(s) from 80+ countries or regions to receive calls or text messages.
A phone number whether it supports voice or SMS or both will be shown specifically before you buy it.
Buy unlimited phone plan to USA/Canada/China/India.
Voice Mail will be provided automatically once you have DID numbers with us.
Select regular contacts from the contact list to make a call
Check history call records from Recent Calls
Choose your favorite voice prompt language from Settings
Choose your favorite rate plan from Standard/Premium/Gold plans.
Choose auto prefix to format your local calls automatically.
Choose incoming call and sms ringtone for every phone number you have.

Auto Detection for calling number:
Before each call has been sent out, our system will check the number you dial and give you alert if we find the number doesn’t seem to be a valid number according to your auto prefix setting and give you options to continue calling or cancel it to change.


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