Notifi On Your Android

The app forwards the notifications to an email address provided by the user.
The emails are sent using Gmail API.

Steps to follow in order to enable the notification forwarding:

1. Enable notifications forwarding
This is very useful when you have access to your phone and you don’t want to forward the notifications anymore (instead of disabling each app individually).

2. Mail options

– Allow app to send emails using Gmail account (Requires GET_ACCOUNTS permission).

– Provide a valid email address to receive the notifications.
To set more than one email address, you can use semicolon (e.g.:;

Gmail API limits the number of recipients to 100.

– Optional: set a filter keyword.
The keyword will be part of the title (e.g.: [NotifyMe] Notification: Messenger).

– Content type:
Image (capture the notification as image) or text (capture the notification as text).

3. Notification options

– Give access to the app to read the status bar notifications.

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