Calendar Vault Photo Video Audio Locker

* Hide Pictures: Easily hide pictures to our vault from your gallery with private photo locker.

* Hide Videos: Easily hide your private media to our vault lock from your gallery with private
video locker.

* Video Player: Inbuilt Video player to watch videos inside video Vault

* Audio Player: Inbuilt Audio player to listion audio inside audio Vault

* Photo Viewer: Super Inbuilt photo viewer to watch photo inside photo Vault

Special Features : –

— App Disappears from recent apps list.
— Protects Calendar Lock from being uninstalled by kids , old men, strangers.
— Easy file management system. (Edit, Move, Rename, Hide Unhide Create Folders etc…)
— Direct Hide files from gallery by share option. Share to Vault from your gallery to Instant
hide multiple photos, multiple videos, multiple audios and multiple files.
— Keep files in a safe calendar vault from all public
— Reset password for your secret calendar

IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before restoring your personal files otherwise it will be lost forever…

All Tricky Park

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